Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3 Habits That Makes My Life Better

As an entrepreneur, 3 things that I've found very helpful:

  1. Nice, long bath: Helps you plan the rest of the day, streamline your thoughts.
  2. Good breakfast: Owing to meetings and fire-fighting at work, my lunch schedule is quite haphazard. Good breakfast ensures I've energy left!
  3. No laptop at home: May not work for you, but I try not to carry my laptop at home. Not on weekdays, not on weekends. I check my emails on my phone though. Gives me two benefits. One - gives me some time with family. Startup life is hectic.Sometimes I am not able to take calls even from my wife. So, anything that give me some time at home is good. Two - gives me enough time to "think" about my startup, rather than keep "doing" things. My entire day gets spent in doing tons of things and hardly have any time to sit back and ponder over things. This gives me that time.
Been practicing these for some time now and very happy with the results.


Karmveer said...

Good one..point 3 well taken.

Anonymous said...

heh nice long bath - reminds me of advice joshua kopplemen gave me while at Trilogy. Jyothi whatever code you write during the day you should think how better you could have done that while in the shower.

I think it is more about uninterrupted time without distraction. Bath is the best option. Previously early mornings - till I get ready used to do for me not anymore.

3. Totally buy it. Happening unconciously with me. I am at work from 7:30am to 8pm, sometimes longer, so almost never take laptop out. Beyond that I take calls, respond to short emails.

I think another critical element would be exercise time. totally necessary for focus, good health and solitude time.

Vikas Rana said...

Yeah. I used to go swimming in summers. Got discontinued with rains. Am looking to fill that gap, but somehow haven't been able to include anything else in my schedule yet. Been thinking about including a small workout session.